Are you a boring business owner? If so it could be costing you a fortune. See, most dog walkers, trainers and groomers are as dull as ditchwater. They talk about their qualifications (yawn) or they use fancy dog training words like ‘operant’ and ‘re-inforce’ which means NOTHING to the average dog owner.So, how to do [...]

First things first, why would you want to get people on an email list?Well, it’s all to do with follow up. And the businesses who consistently follow up, make more money. And email is the BEST way to follow up with dog owners in your town. It’s waaay better than Facebook OR Instagram. But how do [...]

Is it time to whisk your prospects off their feet and wow them with your amazing dance skills? Maybe not. LOL, but it IS time to get up close and personal, or at the very least get offline and face to face with your prospects. Listen to Dom and Alex share how you can explode [...]

Do you want to feel better OR be better? See, a lot of the time we opt for the things that only make us feel better. A good example would be the instant dopamine hit you get when you receive a ‘like’ or ‘share’ on Facebook. It makes you feel better. It makes you feel [...]

Today’s episode comes to you LIVE from the Indian Palace Buxton! And if that doesn’t whet your appetite then the sound of me, Alex and my PBIC crew tucking into poppadoms and pickles while we talk about the trails and tribulations of running a pet business, surely will..If you want to know the down and [...]

How come you are such an amazing pet business owner, yet you struggle to attract enough clients?  That’s because people only buy when they are ready to buy. If you want them to buy faster then you need ‘follow up’ systems in your business. This means you need to get OFF Facebook and use some [...]

The ‘Procrastination Devil’ is a complete BASTARD. He’ll thwart you at every turn and when you sit down to start that very important task he will encourage you to ‘check Facebook’, ‘post on Insta’ or worst of all ‘Just do it tomorrow’. How many times have you started a day with big plans to get [...]

Despite what your mam, your priest and your dog training association tells you, your reputation doesn’t just come about because of how you deliver your day to day service.  There’s another factor which YOU control, that contributes massively to your reputation, which in turn determines how easy it is to charge higher prices. And you [...]

Surely no-one in their right mind would choose to be poor? Well, if you are a pet business owner who chooses to sell to low quality clients who complain about your prices, then yes! You are choosing to remain poor. The trick is to sell to affluent dog owners who expect to pay higher prices. [...]

A huge mistake I see dog trainers making is they give away too much FREE information. They do it in Facebook groups, on messenger, on email AND in person. The problem with that is FREE = COSTS NOTHING = NO VALUE = WON’T BE LISTENED TOO. If you feel like you give too much away [...]

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