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Walk Yourself Wealthy

Has your dog walking dream become a depressing reality?

Do you struggle to attract the type of high-quality clients (and earn the kind of money) you know your dog walking service deserves?

The pet service sector is booming but the market is becoming saturated. Competition is everywhere and increases every month.

The harsh truth is if you want to make serious cash from your dog walking business then you need more than just some poo bags, a Facebook page and a van.

In Walk Yourself Wealthy you will discover the five marketing secrets you must master if you want to charge outrageous prices for your amazing service and still have clients queuing at your door.

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Secrets To A Profitable And Stress Free Pet Business

Do you struggle to make your pet business stand out from the competition?

Are tired of wasting hours on social media every day trying to market your pet business?

Are you sick of time wasting, tyre kicking clients who try to beat you down on price?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Once you position your service as the ‘Harrods’ in your town then business (and life) becomes much more fun AND vastly more profitable.

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This is a free pet business building webinar with Dom Hodgson, the UK’s leading pet business coach.

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I was the sceptical woman, reading what Dom was saying but not quite believing it would work for me. Surely I couldn’t charge more than my competitors? I’d only been trading less than a year! But reading what Dom wrote made a lot of sense to me – I knew I was good at what I do and I knew I was worth it! So I put my prices up, tried some lead generating marketing and hey presto - two new clients within a week! I’ve been trusting Dom’s advice for a couple of months now and business is going great (to the extent I’m currently employing someone to help me with the increased work load!!). My advice would be: trust in Dom and trust in yourself! If you know you’re great at what you do, market it! Thank you Dom for all your advice – I will be signing up for more...

Tammie Kirk, Clan Canines, Edinburgh www.clancanines.co.uk

I have been in business for seven years and I thought old dogs can’t learn new tricks. But despite having many years’ experience, I have found I can still learn more about marketing my pet business, which is needed, especially in today’s competitive dog walking market.

What attracted me first to this book was that Dom talks about premium pricing; so many new businesses undercut then fail, and I liked that this book was focusing on premium pricing in one of the chapters. In this book, it states, business is business the world over and people always buy the things they want; you just need to make sure your business is the one they want to buy from. This book can help you be the one the clients choose.

Dom explains why pricing matters and how higher prices mean less work, as fewer clients to deal with. I trust him as from my experience he is so right; so many dog walkers are making the mistake of going way too cheap and discounting so was encourag- ing to see him talk about premium pricing for a profitable business.

If you are wondering how to get new clients to pick you, this book can give you ideas to make them pick your company. Dom talks about going niche and this helped me decide on something I have been thinking about, how to make my business different; I am going to specialise in small dogs. Size now matters in my new business marketing. He gives other ideas such as specialising in one type of dog, and this would work well if you loved Labs or, say, cocker spaniels. A great idea to attract a breed of dog client to your dog walking business, so many great ideas for niching in your business.

Week in, week out, more and more dog walking companies are opening up everywhere, so you really need to make your business more unique to stand out from the crowd, and this book is great for giving you different ideas.

This book has lots of personality in it, and it had me hooked and wanting to learn more from the start. I started reading it at bed- time and before I knew it was 1 am as I wanted to finish the book. It’s a long time since I read a whole book in one sitting. I didn’t want to go to sleep, feeling I would miss something. This is a great book for giving you the key marketing foundations you need. I will be purchasing more products from Dom and will be joining his inner circle to learn more. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

Fiona Wheate, Edinburgh Pet Services www.edinburghpetservices.co.uk

I’ve known Dom for a while now and we have chatted a lot about business and he has helped me out with my business. He also introduced me to Alex which created me a new, fun, exciting and profitable side to my business.

Dom’s a bit like marmite though you either love him or hate him. I think he’s great but I fucking hate marmite! My dogs also like him so that says a lot. To be honest even if you don’t like him, I’d still recommend you go on his Pet Business talk, he has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.

Business is his thing and he loves it, you can see that when you hear him speak. If you are feeling lost or struggling Dom will help you. His talk is great and gives you lots of motivation and ideas to get started, but the key is to take action and he’ll tell you about that too.

The dog training, dog walking, dog day care market is saturated at the moment and if you don’t step up your game you won’t survive. Dom can and will help you be the best!!

Jane Arden , KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year 2015  www.waggawuffins.com

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